Seal loin with pickled unripe apples, potato puré and juniper

Trim the sealmeat and season with salt. Sear it in a very hot dry pan or directly on the stovetop and let it rest in a 150c oven until 52c in the center.
Cook the potatoes in the cream and butter, add a little water if it’s not covering them. Mix into a smooth puré when cooked.
Using a mandolin slice the pickled unripe apples very thinly.
Slice the seal and garnish the slices with apple pieces and chopped junipers.
Serve with the potato puré and vinaigrette as a sauce.

500 gram seal loin
100 gram pickled unripe apples
500 gram peeled potatoes
2 dl cream
50 grams butter
10 fresh juniper berries, preferably green

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