What is New Arctic Kitchen?

New Arctic Kitchen is a movement of food professionals throughout the Arctic and Subarctic region.

The aim is to be part of a food revolution in the region, where local produced food and traditions are valued, protected, and developed.

Our claim is that there is such a thing as an Arctic kitchen. Things we have in common, ways of life that connects us. Arctic and Subarctic cuisine is the “wildest cuisine in the world”. It is defined by being a hunter, fishing, and gatherer kitchen. It provides a common identity in a region that is fundamentally different from most of the rest of the world.

The populations of the Arctic and Subarctic are affected by globalization and in many places the use of local ingredients is dropping dramatically. It affects public health, food security, local jobs as well as identity. At the same time, new challenges and new opportunities are emerging with climate change and changing geopolitics. In recent years, the project “New Arctic Kitchen” has been working towards a renewed focus on local ingredients and an increased interest in local food traditions.

Food is a carrier of culture and creator of identity and holds the potential for new business and revenue opportunities. A stronger focus on local food traditions combined with a renewed way of processing food and eating the food will result in a more extensive use of local produce. This is seen with New Nordic Food, where local resources have increasingly found their way to restaurants, private kitchens, and public food.


– To increase the use of local resources in Arctic and Subarctic kitchen.

– To create a shared history and insight into local ingredients as a bearer of culture and with the potential for innovation.

– To reduce dependency on imports.

– To create increased opportunities for export.

– To improve public health and food security

– To strengthen the cultural identity

The goal of the New Arctic Kitchen is to connect and inspire food lovers in the Arctic and Subarctic region. Together we can preserve our traditions, develop our methods, cherish our identity, and take our food culture to new heights.

 The organisation New Arctic Kitchen will continue to work to promote the idea and strive to further develop it around the region. Both through sharing ideas like on this website and in medias, and through concrete hands-on workshops and projects. The movement New Arctic Kitchen originates from the NGO Inuit Sila and will continue collaboration with that and other like-minded organisations.

The idea “New Arctic Kitchen” belongs to everyone and can be used by everyone. Our hope is to see big and small projects develop independently all over the region and experience how a renewed food tradition emerges from traditions and new inspiration.


– To use of local produce whenever we can

– To preserve our traditional methods and developing them

– To promote Arctic food and the culture it holds

– To share our knowledge across the borders

– To work for more local food in restaurants, supermarkets, and the public sector


People and organisations involved in the movement.

Innunguaq Hegelund. Chef. Greenland.

Poul Andrias Ziska. Chef. Faroe Islands.

Sheila Flaherty. Chef. Nunavut, Canada.

Viktor Eriksson. Chef & hunter. Åland, Finland.

Nikolaj Kirk. Chef. Denmark.

Mikkel Maarbjerg. Chef. Denmark.

Inuit Sila. Fishermen and sealers NGO. Ole Ørum. Greenland/Denmark.

Nauja Bianco. Arctic Consultant. Greenland/Denmark.

Anne Nivíka Grødem, entrepreneur and food cluster manager “NERISA – an Arctic Food Cluster”

Intra-Quebec Sealers Association. Gil Theriault. Îles de la Madeleine, Canada.

Bjarti Petersen. Fisherman. Faroe Islands.

Marie Toftdahl. Chef & teacher. Greenland.

Réjean Vigneau. Butcher. Îles de la Madeleine, Canada

Benoit Lenglet. Chef. Îles de la Madeleine, Canada

Rasmus Holm. Communication specialist and film producer. Owner of 1974.film.




The following organisations have been supporting the movement:

Nordic Council of Ministers

Government of Greenland

Visit Faroe Islands

Visit Greenland



The movement is run from the secretariat in Copenhagen.

New Arctic Kitchen
William Wains Gade 11
1432 Copenhagen

Leader of secretariat:
Rasmus Holm
+45 50 13 23 70

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