Fricassee of seal

Fracas’s ee of seal with chanterelle and rosemary

Clean the flippers and put them in a pan with a little garlic and rosemary and let it boil lightly for about 1 hour. Lift the pieces and break the meat from the legs and save for later.

Clean the onions and cut them in small pieces, fry the onions in a little butter, add vinegar and reduce. Add broth and rosemary and cook with the cream, roast the chanterelle and put them in the sauce with the boiled seal meat.

Dress with sautéed leaves from Brussels sprouts


300 g seal from flipper

1 small onion

2 cloves of garlic

Sherry vinegar

A little butter

Rosmarin twig

2 dl calves boullion

3 dl whipped cream

200 g chanterelle

100 g Brussels sprouts